The CHICAGO Plan is a PCORI-funded, multi-center (6 centers in Chicago) 3-arm, pragmatic RCT. It will enroll English and Spanish speaking subjects (ages 5-11); primarily African American and Latino, from lower SES strata. Participants are recruited from asthma patients presenting at the ED with an asthma exacerbation.


  • The study will compare three treatment arms:

    • A patient / family centered patient education tool, the CHICAGO Plan Action Plan after Emergency department discharge (CAPE) tool

    • CAPE and 5 home visits with a multifaceted intervention by a community health worker (CAPE plus Home)

    • Usual care

    • The CAPE is a patient- and caregiver-centered approach to facilitating communication and education. Provided prior to ED discharge, it is intended to promote adherence to guideline-recommended care after ED discharge.

    • Participants in the CAPE plus Home arm will receive the same CAPE intervention prior to ED discharge.

  • In addition, a community health worker will conduct five home visits over 180 days to further promote asthma self-management skills and to reduce environmental triggers at home, utilizing Integrated Pest Management and other strategies as needed

  • Patients are randomized at the ED visit and followed up at 1, 3, and 6 months

  • Approximately half the participants will also be assessed 12 months after the intervention

  • The CHICAGO Plan estimates that 250 participants with 12 month follow-up will contribute data to this project


  • Given that participants are enrolled at a time of asthma exacerbation when they visit the ED, the CHICAGO Plan presents the best opportunity for demonstrating PROMIS measures’ sensitivity to change

  • In addition, this trial enables evaluation of PROMIS in both English and Spanish speaking populations

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