Charles Bailey

Informatics Lead, Data Core Steering Committee Member

L. Charles Bailey, MD, PhD, is an attending physician in the Cancer Center specializing in hematologic malignancies, and an academic investigator in clinical informatics at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Bailey is a member of the Divisions of Oncology and Hematology at CHOP. His clinical focus is on leukemia and lymphoma, and particularly on acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer. He also works on improving quality of supportive care for children with cancer.

His research centers on the development of learning health systems, which are based on the principle that every time a patient receives care, we must use what we learn to improve our ability to care for children. In order to do this, we need to make better use of the information patients entrust to us as part of their care, and discover new ways to do effective research using clinical information, and to being the results of clinical research back to the care of patients.

Dr. Bailey’s work includes creating ways to share data across hospitals, to recognize the clinical implications of information gathered from different sources, and to provide support to clinicians in using this information more effectively. Within the PEPR Consortium, he is the lead of the Data Core team, which is responsible for standardizing data collection, storage, and sharing procedures that will maximize the security, quality and interoperability of PROMIS datasets across research projects and with other national databases.

Dr. Bailey received his MD and PhD degrees at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.  His PhD is in Cellular and Molecular Biology. 

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