ASIST is a PCORI- funded, pragmatic community study conducted in St. Louis, MO, in collaboration with pediatricians in community practice. ASIST is enrolling African American children (ages 6-17) with mild-moderate asthma.


  • Participants are assessed at baseline, and followed up at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months post-intervention to evaluate the effectiveness of symptom-based steroid adjustment, compared to provider-based adjustment (standard of care)

  • Projected recruitment for the proposed project is 170 participants


  • In contrast to the CHICAGO Plan, ASIST provides the opportunity to evaluate PROMIS measures in a group of patients with less severe symptomatology at baseline assessment. As such, less change (less improvement) is expected over time.

  • ASIST also includes additional (i.e., non-PROMIS) PRO measures that we will include in our tests of concurrent and construct validity, including a comparison of relative responsiveness

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